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Why WP Hood?

We Have Only One Goal Your Success!




Our Approach

Because Your Success Is Ours! And We Mean it!

Did you ever count the amount of time you have spent on troubleshooting your website problems?

Several hours or even days!

This time could have been utilized getting more business, helping more customers, traveling or enjoying time with your family.

WordPress gives you the chance to manage your site comfortably. But problems like website security, performance optimization, backups, plugin updates and a lot more can be technical and time consuming! That is where WP Hood will be your partner taking care of these matter.


WP Hood Will Make Your Website Faster

Can you think of anything more frustrating than a slow website? Not really! A slow website makes customer and readers leave quickly. Result? Loss of business, sales and profit. Our approach improves the performance of your website and ensure lightning-fast speed. We will assess any faulty plugins, heavy images, badly-written themes, and the third-party ad networks. After identifying the issues, we will implement the best practices ensuring your website runs absolutely fine. The customers will then actually stop at your website instead of leaving it in a few seconds.

WP Hood Will Grow Your Website Traffic

We all need more website traffic, don’t we? More traffic means more business and more $$ for you. We make websites search engine friendly as much as possible so that Google and other search engines love your site. Our top-notch expertise in technical SEO will make your website readable and easily indexable by search engines. If, in case you are missing opportunities ($) from organic search, WP Hood team will help you to take the first and the correct step.

Let WP Hood Protect Your Website

Your Website is Hacked! This is the most horrible thing a website owner can think of. While you may not believe in zombies or vampires, unfortunately, these hacking stories are real and scarier than anything else. The only way to keep yourself secure is to ensure maximum protection beforehand and be in full control of protecting your website. WP Hood will provide complete security to your website. Regular security audits and updates will make you sleep well every night. However, on a rare occasion, if your website is compromised, we will take the full responsibility of cleaning it thoroughly without asking any questions.

Rock Solid Backups by WP Hood

Our backup solution takes incremental backups of all your data every day. We also offer hourly backups for websites which carry enormous data, for example, e-commerce websites and high-volume publishers. We rely on Amazon cloud to make a remote backup of your data soon enough. There is no denying that Amazon Web Services is the most reliable backup platform in the world. The last 30 days of backup data can be restored at your request in an instant through our fully-tested on-demand services.

Quick Resolutions

Getting late or slow resolution of your problem is frustrating. And we realize it. Our extensive experience with WordPress, WordPress products, and web hosting enables us to solve a wide array of possible problems. And that too ASAP. Our team is quick with making resolutions. They try to make them quick and start working on them ASAP. We guarantee fast service to ensure your website issues are resolved quickly and accurately so you won

WP Hood is Your Website Management Team

Everyone and every website has their own preferred goals. We understand this. We are your I.T team helping you manage your website. We truly believe ‘customers first philosophy’ and want to be your best I.T team ever. Strong relationship matters the most for us. Because we believe ‘we grow when you are happy!’ So, let’s work together and ensure you get maximum growth with the least amount of website worries. Let your website management team handle your website woes and focus on growing your business.